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Hi there, I'm Danilo Assis, Senior Software Engineer.

Motivated by technology, with over 7 years of experience in software development, I've had the opportunity to work on various projects across different industries. I possess a deep understanding of software engineering principles and practices, and I'm always eager to learn and expand my skillset.

Throughout my career, I've developed and implemented complex software solutions for a diverse range of clients. I pride myself on being adaptable and capable of working in fast-paced environments, as I thrive on challenges and problem-solving.

I hold a degree in System Analyst, and I'm constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance my knowledge and expertise. My passion for technology and my drive to succeed has allowed me to achieve a proven track record of success in my field.


Currently, Tech Lead at Woovi (opens in a new tab), a startup that enables merchant sale as they want and shoppers pay as they want. We offer solutions on top of Pix, an instant payment from Brazil. We have products like immediate charges, charges with fees and taxes, cashbacks, subscriptions and installment products.


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Finn (opens in a new tab) is my own startup in early stage. We are building the next steps for instant payments in Brazil.

We offer solutions on top of pay as you go without the need of keep wasting your time in lines.

Just pay, have fun!


We are following up investors that want to know more about our product. Feel free to contact me if you are one our know about someone.

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